This is an ugly dump of what I’m finding on the shooting in Las Vagas September 30th, 2017.


Breaking NEWS! — #LasVegasShooting video of a shooter in the crowd.

Yes, there was an Active Shooter drill that night.








Quick reminder that anyone who says Paddock was alone is a snopeshill

redpill them with these proofs:

>sight [Embed]

>sound [Embed] [Embed]

>witness testimonies (4:00 – 9:06) [Embed]
Multiple shooters, A ‘hispanic’ looking woman was taken out of the concert by security after telling people ‘they are all going to die’

>police scanner (radio) [Embed]
at least 2 shooters

>swat enters 32nd floor [Embed]

>LVPD press conference 1 [Embed]
Police is asking assistance in looking for marilou danely, nobody asks about the second shooter. “The primary aggressor in this incident has expired”.

>LVPD press conference 5 (skipped to press questions) [Embed]
‘Radicalisation’?, Say the Marilou is in philipines and will be returning on Thursday

shillbook com/ryancarrawake1/videos/525213534495045/