Hello friends, I made a discovery. I have been studying the work of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown and Morray and have discovered many things, one of them is that there is enough power in our magnetosphere to siphon off to power earth.  I’m not talking about electrostatic power either or Zero point energy.  I’m talking about taking the power that is already there.  Basically, old men from the aerospace industry are at the age of 80 & 90 are spilling the beans on things they swore secrecy too. I have been collecting all the ideas and they have to lead to some awesome conclusions and discoveries.  In an attempt to change the world and for me to profit. I’m trying to raise some venture money or get a job with a company that will allow me to build my prototypes to prove I’m right.  This is honestly about my ego.  I want to prove what I found is correct.  Yes, I want to be rewarded financially and money has always been that important to me and at what cost.  I’m willing to work hard and that’s all I seem to do. I still haven’t had a vacation since Hawaii in 2008.  I work 7 days a week on this because I love what I do.  OK, I want to tell you some unconventional physics.  I’m hoping if I tell some truth here, somebody will offer me a technology research partnership.  I have to say some of these ideas are political heresy to the physics community.  It’s called the Electric Universe Theory.  The sun is not a  Hydrogen Furnace, there is not enough hydrogen for it to last as long as it is old.  The black of space is actually electricity.  There are accepted 5 states of matter “strong force, weak force, magnetism, electromagnetism, and plasma”.  I’m going to say that gravity is not real.  It’s actually electromagnetism.  If you consider that the earth has a magnetosphere, where does it get it’s power for that? The theory is an internal dynamo.  I say rubbish.  If you wrap FE/iron in the presence of an electrical current it makes what? An electronic magnet.  That is what earth is.  Just a really big electronic magnet. POWERED by the black of space which is electrical current.   When you have a conductive wire, the electricity they teach us is moving electrons inside.  NO, it’s a force traveling in a pair on the outside of wire in a twisting intertwined pattern as described by “Robert Otey”. This is why we have spiral galaxies, spinning. Notice everything in the universe is spinning. WHy is that? Did god just sping everything in a vacuum and the call it a day? NO.  You and I and the universe and matter are actually all electricity in some shape and form.  The atoms in a nucleus are spinning at a trillion times a second according to “Robert Otey”.  A senior scientist of Lockheed Martin “Boyd Bushman” said there are two more forces in nature.  Boyd invented the stinger missile and discovered something in 1995. If you take magnets and when you put them together they push apart ‘right’ He bolted them together, went to the roof of a 5 story building and drooped the 5gram magnets with something else nonmagnetic at 5 grams at the same time. He discovered the magnets arrive always LAST! Stay with me, I’m almost done.  So he discovered you can displace gravity ‘electromagnetism’ with a high magnetic force. Thus it’s not gravity but electromagnetism, this is why my “Floating Electricity idea” works.  I’m basically capturing the electricity of the earth via these newly discovered observations of data.  Boyd said he did not care what the community of physics said was possible, he would just study data.  If you make it this far, congratulations.  You have an open mind. Now you either strongly disagree with me or your curious.  Good.  I need your help, they always say ‘ask for help’ so I’m asking for help with introductions to somebody who can fund this or offer me employment. I need money. How bad is it for me. Really bad and I’m grateful to have food stamps and a paid off car, and I’m grateful to have my health. I have a hurt knee and back so my body is not as strong as it once was.  I’m gifted with having no attachments in my life. I can move anywhere in the world to work on this project. I just need an income.  Sorry if this sounds desperate because I’m a little bit desperate.  I’m discriminated against for my ideas and at this point, it’s only Wayne that believes in Wayne.  I don’t drink or do any other mind alternating substances other than coffee.  I sleep eight hours and dream like there is an eight-hour movie and often I can remember much of it.  I have seen a psychologist and a psychiatrist and they say there is nothing wrong with me other than I’m basically just an engineer who loves to invent.  I basically suffer from Engineering. My ideas are like my babies and I’m a protective parent looking to feed my babies to a full life.  In closing you don’t want to live inside my head, it’s too much fun and society will shut it’s doors to you because they don’t understand you.  I’m reaching out to people who knew me at one time and hope you’ll help me find a way to earn a living with my ideas.  If this wasn’t enough. I have xx more ideas.  Gravity powered electrical station.  Hurricane Zapper, No pressure hydrogen storage and gravity control for reducing mass or full mass cancellation.  Everything I just told you I know how to build, but I don’t have the resources.  I do have the ability to tell you how it works and for a small amount of resources I could make demonstrators.  Lastly, as you might know, I have been bidding for President of the United States now three years. I have been promising to bring the USA 500-1000 years into the future, it is these ideas that I’m using as my platform to do that. Yes I know my chances are low of becoming POTUS46 and like my whole life has been a series of Wayne can’t do that, and then Wayne did that.  I have taught myself as long as I never give up, I can often achieve my dreams.  Honestly, I could go on for another few hours about more exotic technology like harmonic coupled resonance, piezoelectric effects but I’ll save some for the next time if I have any friends left after this post.  Somebody offer me a job or funding, please.  707 604 7672.  This is my long-winded way of asking for help. Be thankful you’re not in my shoes.