My tomatoes are flowering

The tomatoes I planted by the pool in an old shop vacuum container with wheels they are now flowering about 24 inches tall I just got some sticks that I’m going to put vertical to trellis out.

Today’s flowers

Some beautiful morning glories and these pink ones I don’t know the name or being overtaken by the morning glory vines. The garden is also doing well.

Flowers from the garden

Here are some beautiful flowers from the garden yesterday. For anybody that doesn’t believe in God just stare at this flower and say who made it. The answers God. God wants us to love everything on earth including each other. Pray for world peace it’s possible with the right attitude.

What is the Job of President?

What is the Job of President?
I think is to point out areas for Improvement. To lead us into a future we all can be proud of.

American is an amazing nation full of bright talented individual, we have a history of innovation and dedication. A few areas for improvement are to prosecute white collar crimes as much as blue collar crimes. In China, a billionaire was convicted of fraud against the people of China and executed. I know some people on wall street this should apply to. If a wealthy person steals money its called business, if a poor person does so,its a crime. I see theft by the poor as a means of survival in a society of imbalance.

When you have a two class society and the wealthy are never prosecuted it stifles innovation and national growth. We might be a nation of people from all over the world and we might not always get along, and out of all nations, we do get along the best and we could be doing much, much better if the rich were accountable for their actions. Remember that 80% of wealth was passed down from older generations. The rich actually did not work for their money. It was a gift. Let’s be more kind to the working class and the poor before they chop off the heads of the rich. I say this bluntly because that is how history treats the rich, aristocrats, monarchies, dictators and tyrants.

The poor will soon have nothing left to eat but the rich! The future is bright, lambright. Please support my campaign like I was Bernie Sanders and I won’t stab you in the back.Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.11.09 PM

Clinton Foundation Corruption

sororsfund 1467684964520Here is the leak from the Special Access Program. I suspect US Department of Justice Employee.

Post from 4chan.  start—–>

>TLDR info here.
>First FBI thread
>Second FBI thread

Information on David Brock and American Bridge 21

What we know so far:

(((George Soros))) funnels money to Democracy Alliance, which goes through the Amalgamated Bank and into the Clinton Foundation. Heavy amounts of money laundering, coming from a massive amount of donors.
This is (((George Soros)))’ investment arm linked to it


Others involved…
>Media Matters Revenue

>American Bridge Stalking GOP
Bill Clinton is heavily involved with human trafficking with Jeffrey (((Epstein))) on the “Lolita Express”
Virginia Roberts was one of the sex slave victims.


<— END

Click to see in full resolution.  It’s very big.Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.34.25 PM

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