Rebecca Francis “The most hated woman in the world”

Rebecca Francis “the most hated woman in the world”, I can see why.  Sport hunting is just murder. She’s like a serial killer of animals, she gets joy from it and brags.  We as a global society should come up with new rules on murdering these endangered animals.  Food is one thing, sport killing is just murder.Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.10.57 PM


Embattled hunter Rebecca Francis said she is “the most hated woman in the world” in her first interview since she drew public outrage for posing with a slaughtered giraffe.

Francis, a 41-year-old grandmother of nine, defended her love for hunting in a New York Magazine profile published just days before a Minnesota dentist who killed a beloved Zimbabwe lion went off the grid.

Francis was the target of an Internet firestorm in April after comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted out a 5-year-old picture of Francis lying next to the slain giraffe with a smile.