A Love for Education

I attended six schools before graduating high school at Montclair High, Montclair California in 1986.  One private Catholic school, St. Christopher’s in West Covina which helped shape my relationship with god, where I was an alter-boy also, my first experience into community service.  I attended Mt. San Antonio Junior college where I studied General Education, with a focus on Finance and Real Estate. I was never degree oriented, knowledge was more important to me. I was making great money as a mechanic and paid my own way.  I got my Real Estate license at the age of 22 and entered Mortgage Banking after being a Mechanic at Savage BMW four years.  I never stopped learning, spending most of my money on books to further my education. I spend most of my time in psychology and sales training, since the business of Mortgage banking was really selling money, I was voracious in learning the power of persuasion.

Version one is better than none.

Career Success

I have been successful in everything I have put my mind to and those are many subjects.  The only failure in life is not trying.  My short work history from beginning to end.

Recycling “collecting aluminum cans with my brother and Vicky Vogelsang” age 11

Paper route for the Tribune in West Covina California Age 11

Wayne’s Worms, Worm Farmer, Washington State, Deer Lake.  Age 11-14

Lambright Logging, firewood sales and acquisition trough lumber jacking in national forests.  Age 11-14

Bob’s Big Boy Jr. Montclair Buss Boy & Cook Age 16

Long Jon Silvers Montclair California, Cook.  Age 16

Ole’s Home center Age 16-17 Retail sales.  Hardware, Paint and Seasonal.

Upland BMW, automotive repair.  Age 17

Savage BMW, BMW Technician Age 17-22

Mission Hills Mortgage Banking Age 22

Directors Mortgage Banking Age 22-24

PNC Bank/ Sears Mortgage Age 24-26

Monex Deposit Brokerage “commodities broker” Age 26

BMW Sales Savage BMW Ontario California Age 27-28

BMW Sterling BMW, Newport Beach CA. Age 28

LandRover Newport Beach, Sales Age 29

Newport Auto Center, Porsche Age 29

LandRover Marin, Age 30

Lambright Software Publishing Age 30-47

Paypal Inc. Age 33, Video Education producer.
Paypal Board of Advisors for Developers Age 33-39