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Below you’ll find my social media accounts and my campaign promises. I’m not associated with any political party. We could be building the best nation on earth, instead, fighting.

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> All progress depends upon the unreasonable man!

As an engineer, guys like me are unreasonable most of the time because we see the future before it’s the future and we’re driven to build something humans have never seen. Eddison was unreasonable, it took him 9,600 filaments to find the one that made the light bulb work. Without his dedication I might be writing this under candlelight.

I’m privileged to meet and be mentored by some of the most intelligent people from the aerospace community and I’ve been gifted a breath of knowledge that is top secret to most people, I’m a not under any top secret agreement and that empowers me to build things you can only dream of.

I ask myself. What would aliens on another planet do?

Would they have an income tax?
Would they have money?
Would they have Universal Basic Income “UBI” ?
Would they have a Federal Reserve that’s a private bank?
Would they have wars over resources?
Would they destroy and pollute their own planet?

If we want to live in the future, we have to stop living in the past!

Campaign Promises

What do I offer?

The most exciting thing I bring to the table is an unlimited source of endless direct electrical current from mother earth. I call it Floating Electricity. We can also put it at the distance of the international space station and it Generates ten times the earth tethered power. This alone is enough power for the needs of the world, thus replacing oil. I’m willing to license my technology to any nation that’s interested at substantial savings over the cost of oil-based solutions.

I have the knowledge to build what you would call ‘anti-gravity’ but it’s actually gravity control. It’s more than that, and to keep it simple, I can build something that would make anything of any weight float or reduce its mass. I was thinking of licensing my technology to one of the fuel-efficient car companies to take a car that got 50 mpg to bring it to 500 mpg. Because I can remove all the weight of the car and just leave enough so the tires still grip.

If for some reason I’m not allowed to build these technologies in the United States, I’m open to building them in any nation that wants to build it. My goal is to bring the world 500-1000 years into the future now, not in 500 years.

If we’re stuck on oil, I can build a no pressure hydrogen storage that allows cars to travel about 500 miles. The materials cost $4000 per car and last forever.

I have a method for stopping hurricanes in their tracks. I call it Hurricane Zapper. It’s a way to heat clouds with a cyclotron. Which is a device that charges the particles at a great distance of thousands of miles to heat them and thus make the wind go away and then it’s just clouds, not a Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone?

Fixing America now, not later!

Universal basic income.

  • Veteran Seniors $3800
  • Seniors $3300
  • Veterans $2800
  • Individual $1700


ABOLISH the Federal Reserve

  • America wasn’t cucked before 1913, we printed our own money and did not pay a mafia ‘bankers’ 3% inflation each year. I’ll abolish the Federal Reserve and get rid of Federal Income Tax, you’ll just have State Tax. We’ll pay for everything the way we do now, but just not paying bankers 3% for that money.

Nationalize Resources

We’ll also nationalize many of our valuable resources, fund our government and socialistic desires in a capitalist manner.

Housing for anybody that needs it.

I’ll introduce legislation to encourage states to build large communities of affordable housing. On a federal level, I’ll propose we make 3D printed homes made of concrete. We can make swank ‘building permit approved’ one bedroom homes for only $4000. We need to take the profit out of homelessness.

I’ll propose legislation that we build 2 million units. That’s only $8 billion.

3d printed homes
Cost $4,000
units 2,000,000
Cost $8,000,000,000



Why is home ownership so expensive, when it’s just a box? We’ll find a way to expand 3d printed home technology so today’s $500K home can cost 50K. That will give people more money to dump into the economy not the banker’s pockets via interest on expensive home mortgages. Home ownership should be for every America, because homeowners build communities, start families and make America stronger. I’m thinking more Star Wars Tantoon.


We need more guns!

I would like a national conceal to carry law, that you don’t need a license to conceal carry. If everybody thinks everybody is armed, that would stop the ‘mass shootings’. The ‘cowards’ don’t want the consequence of being shot at.

I would also like to give all citizens a machine gun to form a citizen army like Switzerland.

I DO think the 2nd amendment is to protect the citizen against Tyranny. My feeling is to copy what another successful nation has done. That nation is Switzerland. They have a citizen Army. I’m 100% certain we will have an economic collapse the likes the world has never seen and that would trigger much civil unrest. We need to prepare to for this now.

Internet bill of rights!

Free speech is under attack on the internet and I’ll propose legislation to bring it back. I personally have been suppressed, harassed, shadowbanned, smear campaigned and bullied. My 11-year twitter account with ten thousand followers suspended, my replacement was suspended, now I have to have four accounts because they are always suppressing my voice. Youtube deleted my account after ten years, I had 1800 videos about my life all unedited, probably the cure for insomnia, but it was my life, and since I said something about questioning some evidence in a crime, they deleted my life. It was very hurtful and it made me work harder to bid for POTUS46. If America doesn’t have free speech online we will cease to be America.

Rich people

To my billionaire friends, don’t worry you’ll still be uber rich. We’re just going to make sure the people aren’t so impoverished they want to kill you. Soon the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich! My plan will actually 10 x Americas’ GDP and thus enrich the wealthy, build back the middle class and everybody going to be happy. Technically some people can’t be made happy, so forget about those bitter people. .0001% are hopeless anyhow.

How will we pay for all this?

How will we pay for all this? We get rid of the Federal Reserve ‘private bank’ and avoid giving our wealth to bankers.

The USA is not the world police

Since I have given America and the world unlimited direct current electricity from mother earth “Floating Electricity”. We won’t need to fight wars over oil. We can fight over other recourses or choose not to fight at all. I’m for the no fighting, yet some people love to fight. I don’t want to fight them. I’ll let Congress decide if they want their sons and daughter dying in a war for other peoples property. It’s my feeling that America has been doing “Home Invasion” far too long across the globe. My feeling is to let other nations govern themselves. I’m more in the camp of being an isolationist than the world police. I’ll reference Switzerland as a good example to follow.

National Health Care & Cannabis

The money America will make from these new technologies I’m introducing will make America richer than we already are. It’s my opinion that the previous mismanagement of the USA has taken the richest nation on earth to behaving like the poorest nation on earth. By getting rid of homelessness with ‘Universal Basic Income’, which often costs cities 100 thousand dollars per person and fixing the situation with a $4000 home and UBI money for food, the people who need help will have help and the will free society up from babysitting them. The government owns almost all of Nevada, we can move people there for a utopia of sunshine, gardening and a burning man lifestyle in a $4000 home. We’ll connect that area to high-density metro markets with the Elon Musk Hyper tunnels. Yet these people living in their $4000 swank home won’t feel like going anyplace because I’ll decriminalize cannabis, we’ll grow tens of thousands of acres and give it away like government cheese for anybody that wants it. WHY? Because it will bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals that Medicare pays for. This brings me to the big crime of the past hundred years. Medicine for profit. I’ll propose legislation to create a national healthcare system. Before you get upset. Don’t worry you’ll still be able to pay $75,000 for a broken hand, I’m just offering a national hospital that will do it at no cost. These hospitals will be staffed by our wonderful military medical professionals and physicians who love helping people not doing endless paperwork. We’ll pay doctors what they make now. We just won’t pay the boards of the hospitals their insane profits off the suffering of people, nor will we allow them to bleed dry a person’s life savings unless that person wants to be bled dry by private health care. You might be thinking there aren’t enough Doctors to staff these hospitals. Don’t worry, we’ll open our boards to people who want to immigrate to the USA and either help right now or we’ll put anybody through medical school. You might also be thinking that the United Kindom has this and it’s a nightmare. I’ll remind you that we left the UK in 1776 because we don’t think as they do. Their thinking is stinking! If you love the UK that much, the USA government will pay for you to leave if you surrender your citizenship. This goes for all citizens, see ya! wouldn’t want to bee ya! Get ready Canada!

We will either buy out all the hospitals currently in operation or build new ones. It’s really that simple.

No cost, world-class college

Speaking of school. We’ll have the brightest mind in America create the best online college the world has ever seen augmented with Artifical Intelligence. It will be Ivy league world-class and thus offer free college to anybody that wants it. It hasn’t be built yet, and I know it can be done. The graduates will be teachers of the undergraduates and we’ll harness Artificial intelligence now and as AI grows stronger because we approach the synchronicity projected for 2028, It will become more and more automated. Someday soon we’ll look back and say, can you believe people paid 100K for education when we get for free now! If we’re going to live in the twenty-first century we need to start acting like it!

National fitness

I love to work out at the gym and I love swimming. Yet what the gym offers is not even ten percent of my expectations. In my twenties, I belonged to some private country clubs and that is what I want to provide to all American. I want you to think about how the Romans enjoyed their leisure time in the Baths of Rome. Think Ritz Carlton for health spas. If the population had a luxurious health club, American would be healthier, putting a reduced burden on medical needs and costs. We can have one or the other. We can have expensive pills and doctors or luxury spas and free cannabis. You know my answer.


Our entire military is about 98% obsolete. Why? My Gravity control technology makes the following obsolete “Planes, boats, cars, tanks or anything that has wheels”. We’ll have to build floating tanks and floating ships if we want to keep murdering people around the world for their natural resources or we can make peace and turn the world into a utopia. Speaking of Utopia.


Why would people come to America if we can encourage them to stay in their own nations? If we end the wars over oil, share our technology “Unlimited electricity and gravity control” then we can teach people with our online ivy league college to support themselves, right!

If people must come here, it’s OK. Because each individual is a future earner. We bankroll them to get started like a ‘startup’ and they’ll make America stronger. God put all people on earth with unlimited potential in each person. The brain is like a supercomputer and more. Our software is our education. We can turn anybody into a superhuman with the right ‘nature & nurture’ thinking. Sure some donkeys will never be a racehorse and we’ll help every person become the best they want to be. Not everybody is meant to win the Olympics, it’s important that we give everybody an opportunity to try and fail to find their place in life. Personally, I’m not gifted in grammar and spelling, yet math, science, and visualization are outstanding for me and come to me with little effort.

Space travel, the moon, and Mars will be colonized.

Since we’ll be living 500-1000 years into the future under a Wayne Lambright administration, we’ll be able to finally colonize Mars and the Moon. By the end of my first term, we’ll have people living on the moon in 3D printed buildings.


If you make over 500 million your tax rate is 75%

If you make over 30 million your tax rate is 30%

No more offshore and we go to flat tax.

Above 50K, flat tax rate at 10%.

No tax if you make under 50K.

I know that will probably upset every wealthy person on earth, consider this, when you scoot around in an antigravity vehicle still being as rich as you are today, owning 30 homes around the world and eating the best food and doing everything your doing now, won’t you feel good that you helped to end poverty, homelessness & sickness? I think you will.


African Americans will get $400K.

American Indians will get $800K.

American Irish will get $300K.

Anti-Pedophilia Initiative

We need to get tougher on crime, especially your child being raped a pedophile should enrage you. That is why I recommend a pedophile death penalty.


Seat belts on school buses. If we’re going to teach our children, let’s be comprehensive about it.


All schools will have to teach swimming to all students.


I smoked cannabis in college and last week, I also grow my own cannabis. I think everybody should have the right to do this and not worry about going to jail over a plant God gave us. I’ll make cannabis legal from a federal level.


While I have never done any drugs other than cannabis, I hear that when you do cocaine all your ideas are AWESOME!, I’ll legalize it to end the drug wars. Druglords become executives and make more profits on Wallstreet.

Drug decriminalization

legalizes all drugs, they do them anyhow. The only thing the government does is invent a black market. How is that the spirit of freedom and entrepreneurialism? Let the kingpins go public on wall street and get uber-wealthy.

American Autobahn

Remove the speed limits on national highways.

Prostitution legalized

We’ll legalize prostitution for all the right reasons.

Reopen 9/11

The investigation missed some critical data. How else would building seven, built in 1984, 54 stories fall 5 hours later on 9/11?

Your Pet peeves?

What can we add to this list? Send your ideas to me via twitter.

The future is bright, Lambright 2020.

I still have much more to tell you about. Clearly, I think outside the box. Yes, I do need your financial support. Please donate if you can. You’re never going to have another chance at a candidate like Wayne Lambright, I’m a one of a kind.

The future is bright if you want it, Lambright 2020.