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April 18, 2016

Hebrew’s in Power

The Banking Mafia: Jew – Rothschild Banks of London Jew – Rothschild Banks of Berlin Jew – Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris Jew – Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy Jew – Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany Jew – Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Jew – Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York Jew – Lehman Brothers Bank of New York Jew …

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April 17, 2016

No Airplanes

This will be hard to swallow. My first bit of bad news in my life! Santa Claus is not real.  Life is a series of lies meant to illicit an outcome.  Ok here is the Bad news. Remember how professional pilots said they had no idea how they could maneuver the airplane into the building because the turns were so difficult. …

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