2015 Los Angles Quake


I had this thought, I’m not sure if a premonition. Obama Could have prevented this!   Los Angles is going to slide towards Hawaii according to my research conduced in my last nap.  I have no basis for believing if any of this is true, its just my way of shameless publicity and a well throughout … [Read more…]

60 day 100 Percent ROI Test

Screenshot 2015-04-10 12.24.39

60day 200%ROI Test My taco dinner delicious by the campfire turkey cilantro onion habanero salt garlic pic.twitter.com/l3xkxgNeyX — Wayne Lambright  (@lambright) April 11, 2015 At this moment two friends are investing $4k to do a test. This is great news. I’m having financial difficulty and this might be “I think it will” be a … [Read more…]

Gardening Plan


My plan to Garden. Started: March 24th. Last updated: March 24th. My notes ——————————not time to write a blog posting, here is a blog posting. Make watering schedule and put it in emails calendar for reminders Consider gofund me to buy home surveillance system to use as watch these plants grow! system. $600 Find missing bunch … [Read more…]