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Used Motor Home

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Mothers of Lost Children

I do volunteer work for American Mothers of Lost Children. They always need help.

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vigilante enrichment squads

vigilante enrichment squads

Who will police the police. Its time for vigilante enrichment squads across America. I’m thinking of alert software I could build that would notify agents to correct matters locally. Just a WordPress into an iOS and android app and a notification service. I have most of it built now. Get moderators for each state. Each […]

Water Facts

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I’m titling this water facts. As a California native, I was born in the desert south and now live up in the green northern coast of Sonoma County. 50 % of the US water supply goes to livestock. EPA figure.

#VolunteerPractice Volunteer Practic...


When you need a good excuse that sounds real. Sorry Name—-, I have #VolunteerPractice tonight, want to join me! 6 hours

2015 Los Angles Quake


I had this thought, I’m not sure if a premonition. Obama Could have prevented this!   Los Angles is going to slide towards Hawaii according to my research conduced in my last nap.  I have no basis for believing if any of this is true, its just my way of shameless publicity and a well throughout […]

60 day 100 Percent ROI Test

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60day 200%ROI Test My taco dinner delicious by the campfire turkey cilantro onion habanero salt garlic — Wayne Lambright  (@lambright) April 11, 2015 At this moment two friends are investing $4k to do a test. This is great news. I’m having financial difficulty and this might be “I think it will” be a […]

Colour Matters

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Don’t forget colors important. Put red and yellow on IBM Blue.

9525 flight, something fish7 about al...


Way to many small parts to have just hit a mountain! Pilot had 6000 hours in that aircraft. SHould have been OK. Airbus is a very reliable brand. Look at this photo. CNN never mentions terrorism! humm. They will say after official investigation, russia. wwIII.

Gardening Plan


My plan to Garden. Started: March 24th. Last updated: March 24th. My notes ——————————not time to write a blog posting, here is a blog posting. Make watering schedule and put it in emails calendar for reminders Consider gofund me to buy home surveillance system to use as watch these plants grow! system. $600 Find missing bunch […]

High Resolution Korbel Vineyard West ...


Korbel Vineyard on todays walk, look at those vines and flowers.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Craig needs your help for Veteren Wom...

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Here is an example of how easy it is to use twitter and video. To help People. thx! RT @lambright: @… @IndiegogoLife this is a really nice thing that craig is doing for female veterans…. — craignewmark (@craignewmark) March 23, 2015 dinner video If you like potatoes this videos for you #campfire #potatoes.# […]

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