Why Vote Lambright in 2020 “Make America Think Again”


Livable income for all veterans $60K

Livable income for all social security recipients $60K

No cost education for anybody.

Housing for anybody that wants it.

Food for anybody that’s hungry.

Expansion of FBI minimum 50,000 new agents by 2018 to prosecute white collar crime ‘Wall Street’.

Reparations for Blacks 400K by 2017 February.

  • How it works.  Blacks in the Social Security Database are mailed a Check for $400,000 US dollars.  If you did not receive a check you go to the post office, register and receive a check in seven days.

Institute the United States of America Banking System. America’s Government Bank.

  • We don’t need a bank to hold our money, we’ll trust the government to hold it.

Abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System and default on the 16 trillion debt.

Abolish the Electoral College System

Give all citizens machine guns after training to protect the USA like Switzerland. A home Army.

Federalized conceal carry.  An armed society is a polite society.

Build 50 modern prisons for police officers who break the law.  Institute a federal internal affairs.  Putting an end to Police brutality.

No Federal Income tax if you make under 1 million.

Free Medical for all.  Walk in, walk out no paperwork or bills ever.

  • Build at least 3000 new hospitals to make America safe
  • Build 6000 luxurious Federal Health clubs, diet and exercise training, think YMCA meets La Sports club.

Remove Corporation’s status as individuals and impose new restrictions and liabilities for actions.

Prosecute and jail most elites that have profited for the corruption over the last 100 years.

Abolish the Drug Enforcement Agency

Abolished Homeland Security, Homeland insecurity I call it.

Re Task CIA to go after white collar crime world wide.

Tax the rich 50% they can actually afford it.

1000x Federal spending on space projects, research and development.

Remove Federal Gas Tax

Increase federal minimum wage to $32 an hour.

Legalized Drugs, all drugs. “NO… I’m not high, I don’t do drugs or alcohol”

Outlaw male Circumcision aka: genital mutilation.


Cuba to USA hyperspeed bridge and roadway.

Bering straits Trans Continental Train between USA and Russia. Moscow To Washington ‘DC’.

Build a Space Elevator.

Using eminent law, build modern public transportation systems in high density metro markets.

3D printing technology to build concrete homes. “Chinese are doing it”.

Grow thousands of acres of cannabis.  A pound of weed for $40 at Costco is the future.


There are over 9000 top secret patents that will be released to jumpstart the economy on new technology that will open the world of space exploration that is already taking place. Google ‘Solar Warden‘.

Zero point energy

Gravity control!  It was mastered in 1954, Thomas Townsend Brown

Space Ships, AKA ‘star fleet’  US Navy has one already

Aliens, who, what, where, why, how and when we meet them and what we have already learned.


Foreign Policy

Give Palestine its own State

Prosecute Israel for War Crimes and crimes against humanity.

Israel did 9/11.

Prosecute Saudi Arabia for crimes against humanity

Help end poverty world wide.  Create self-sustaining communities around the world, use our military might to jump start it.


Put Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld on trial for its illegal war on terror.

Put Lehman brothers in jail.

Put Goldman Sachs In Jail.