About Me

I'm a rain maker, when we talk, you'll understand.

11561bcMe in a Nutshell

  I design, program and implement solutions for my own projects and my 180,000 customers seem to like what I build. I run my own server farm and I'm always experimenting with new ideas, to test and measure what works. I'm currently working with non-porfits to bring there visions to reality.

My Skills

  1. Creativity 100%
  2. Speech craft 70%
  3. Ability to listen 80%
  4. Programming 90%
Specialties: creativity, programming, systems architecture, speech craft, marketing, breaking and fixing most anything in a positive way.

  • Version one is better then none- Brian Ball
  • Those who can see the invisible can do the impossible- Anonomoyous
  • There is a fine line between visonary and insanity, action seperates them.- Anonomoyous